About us

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Beekeeping farm Indrani is located in a beautiful scenic area 15 kilometres from Vecpiebalga and 15km from Jaunpiebalga. Spatially located in Madona district Liezēre parish, however we are treated as the inhabitants of Piebalga. Beekeeping is our family business for more than 15 years – the second generation. Soil in our area is poor therefore people prefer cattle-breeding that includes also beekeeping. Our nature is like a virgin land – somewhere even wild – apart from intensive logging. But even it is considered as the benefit for the beekeeper, because after some years clearings can provide good raspberry forest pastures for bees.

What are we proud of? Our busy little bees are working only in natural environment, collecting nectar in the nearby meadows, forests, swamps and clearings, getting honey from more than 500 different plants during the season. This is confirmed by the results of analyzes. Therefore, we proudly tell our customers that our honey is gathered from a variety of flowers, it is a natural, ecological and healthy. There are no any yellow canola fields, which people have already started to be afraid of, while the meadows are full of willows and goat willows generously blooming in spring, dandelions, June comes with wide variety of wild flowers, July is the time when bees rush to the forest wild raspberry fields, willow herbs, globe-thistle and other flowers.  Our bees also enjoy the garden mints, marjoram, lemongrass and other herbs.